Friday, November 27, 2009

When I die…..

I would like Father Herb and Father Flanagan to say the Mass and Sister Sylvia to participate in any way she can.

I would like my son AJ to stand to my right at my wake. That’s where I stood at my father’s wake. He called me his right hand man, his number one son. AJ is mine.

I would like to be buried on my father’s right. Don’t screw this up people, that would be left of him as you look down.

When my father was buried I was concerned that it might be cold in the ground. I tend to be cold often. My wife Terry is always crocheting blankets and other things for charities. I would like her to make a blanket for me to be buried in. If I am laid to rest on my father’s right and kept warm by Trrrrr I will truly be resting in peace.

I would like Taryn to sing at my wake or funeral. She has been a friend for a long time and I have always loved her voice. A recording is OK if you prefer Taryn.

I would like my daughter Heather to post the final entry on this blog. She is an excellent writer and is very good at dealing with difficult situations in her life.

I would like people to not buy flowers. Instead I would like them to make a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As bad as cancer is, it is even worse when it strikes a child.

I would like Camille and Bob, my sister and brother in law, to do the readings at my funeral Mass. They lost a daughter at a young age and their faith has always impressed me.

I have been to wakes where there were pictures of the deceased displayed as a collage. I would like attendees at my wake to bring a picture of themselves to be placed on a collage. Then I would like those pictures to be buried with me. It’s always good to have friends and family nearby.

I would like my brother Tim to re-hang the plaque of our father at the business that has been in our family for fifty years. And maybe he’ll see fit to hang one of me. But most importantly he should know that my father and I are both looking down on him with love. And we’re proud of him.